Why You Need to be Selling Gift Cards

start selling gift cards now

Are you missing out? Why your family entertainment centre NEEDS to take advantage of gift cards

You value profit and you value profit revenue streams, so why aren’t you on the gift card wagon yet? The merits of a gift card program are an easy sell, so chances are you just haven’t found a successful or natural way to integrate them into your point of sale software. None-the-less, we don’t want to bush over an opportunity to keep family entertainment centre (FEC) entrepreneurs informed and current on industry knowledge, so here it goes:

Plainly speaking, gift cards generate business, keep customers satisfied and strengthen your brand by allowing your company to dynamically interact with your consumers and build profitable, long-term customer relationships.

Gift cards help to increase retention, frequency, incremental spending and acquisition rates for new and unexposed customers.

Gift cards allows FEC businesses of all sizes to offer more purchasing options to customers, and it is a simple, cost-effective way to increase sales.

Gift cards can be branded with your company name or logo on a pre-designed card suitable for the FEC industry. You can also create a fully-customized gift card design for your business. Customers can load cards with a ranging dollar value, increasing your flexibility of options.

Finding a successful and natural way to integrate gift cards is not as hard as it seems. LilYPad provides easy setup and processing through your existing POS system.

Let LilYPad manage your gift card program for you. We can design and order your customer gift cards. If you are not already using gift cards you should consider doing so now as it is a proven to increase sales. Call 1-866-419-4043 to see how LilYPad makes running a gift card program easy.

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