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Why you need to be offering memberships to your customers

by | Jun 10, 2013 | 0 comments

importance of memberships

What would you say if I told you…

  • Your family entertainment centre could count on a stream of annual income that was reliable and came with little obligation on your end?
  • You could develop a loyal customer base that has positive sway over potential customers that you have yet to reach?
  • You could retain specific customers for the entire span of time that they match your target demographic?

You could realize this if your FEC or party rental company establishes a membership program!

Establishing a membership program for your family entertainment centre can help you reach your long term goals by building a base of financial, loyal, and moral support over the long term. Being good to your members will ensure continuation and continuation will guarantee your business their financial contribution and support every year.

Still not sure your family entertainment centre would benefit from memberships?

Memberships increase commitment to your organization by fostering the feeling of belonging. If members see the organization as an integration into their lifestyle and family habits, they’ll be more likely to support it and act on its behalf by advocating and frequently attending.

It is important to make membership easy for your customers from every angle. Registration (online or in person), renewal, everyday utilization and even membership transfers should and can be a seamless aspect of your POS system.

Did you know that LilYPad now integrates seamlessly with magnetic stripe or bar-coded membership cards? We can create and order you custom membership cards and with LilYPad you can easily track your monthly, annual and play pass memberships. Increase your level of professionalism and make tracking your members easy. Contact us today at 1-866-419-4043 for more information.



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