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Waivers Signed Faster With QR Codes

by | Mar 10, 2022 | 0 comments

Unsigned waivers are definitely one of the top reasons for delays at your POS stations, especially if you have just opened.

While we always suggest having waiver stations available for your customers to use, most of your customers will be carrying their own personal waiver station. Having customers sign their waivers on their own phones can speed things up because often personal data is stored in the user’s phone that will be automatically populated into your waiver fields reducing the amount of information your customer will have to type.

What Are QR Codes?

QR-CodeQR codes are similar to a barcode and can be scanned easily by digital devices like the camera on a smartphone. A QR code provides a quick and convenient way to convey information such as email addresses, phone numbers, or a URL. If you scan this example code it will take you to our sister site which houses some examples and tutorials for using LilYPad POS.

Are QR Codes Safe?

QR codes provide information to a digital device and are unable to remove data from a device. There’s no way to hack a QR Code, in the same way, your website address written on a sign can’t be hacked. Some of your customers may not feel comfortable using a QR code and that’s fine because you still have waiver stations.

Creating and Using a QR Code

You will first need a QR code generator to create the QR code. For this example, I used QR Code Generator, which is free to use and really easy. To use this generator to navigate customers quickly to your online waiver select “URL” from the list of options, then enter the URL for your online waiver.

When you are ready, simply download the image and you are all set. You can open this image and test it out right on the screen using your smartphone’s camera. Simply turn on your camera then let it focus on the QR code. Most modern smartphones will provide you with the information stored within the code and give you the option to proceed.

You can print this code out and stick it to your doors, above your waiver stations, beside your POS stations, and anywhere else that your customers will easily be able to see it.



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