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Using Wristbands in a Family Entertainment Centre

by | Feb 2, 2015



For Family Entertainment Centres(FEC), wristbands can be a great method of organizing attractions, but sometimes the best application of wristbands isn’t always clear. If used properly, Wristbands can become an integral part of the way an FEC operates. There are many applications for wristbands with FECs such as trampoline parks; paintball & laser tag facilities; roller rinks; indoor playgrounds & more.

For starters, wristbands come in multiple different colours which can be beneficial if used properly by an FEC. This method’s usefulness becomes apparent when booking multiple parties/groups. The wristband’s colour can be unique to each party or group so staff members can quickly identify individual parties. Coloured wristbands can also be used to great effect when a facility uses the time slot method for selling admission tickets. For example, if a facility has two hour time slots back-to-back throughout the day, each time slot can be assigned to a colour so staff members can see right away which customers should be on or off based on the colour of their wristband and the current time. This method is great for facilities like trampoline parks, indoor playgrounds, and/or roller rinks where a large area that is shared by all customers needs to be efficiently managed. Wristbands also provide an excellent solution for keeping track of paying versus non-paying customers in a facility; if you don’t have a wristband, you don’t get access to the facility.

When used with point of sale software and a wristband printer, wristbands can also keep track of facility occupancy levels and provide important information right on the coloured wristband itself. When selling admission tickets or similar services, a wristband can be used to print sales information in text and in the form of a bar code (which can be scanned to bring up sales information for running a tab AND/OR scanning customers in and out to keep track of occupancy). Wristbands can also be used to keep track of those customers who have signed waivers (great for trampoline parks & paintball facilities); no wristband means no waiver.

Coloured wristband printing & scanning is not limited to just the methods mentioned above. There are many other features and functions that can be possible by giving LilYPad Point of Sale Software a call at 1-866-419-4043 or sending an email to Demos can be as quick as 20 minutes or can be as long as you like. Be sure to check us out, you won’t be disappointed!