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For most family entertainment centers, online booking is an essential part of their of point of sale software. Having software mange your bookings ensures that you and your staff can avoid the nightmares that are often associated with ticket systems, digital or otherwise. One such problem is overbooking your facility during busy periods. This is where having a point of sale system that can keep track of ticket sales and facility and attraction capacity is necessary. Customer will feel better knowing they can book in advance to avoid long lines and ensure that they are going to be able to visit when they would like to. Even if you are sold out for specific time periods, if your customers can see this on your website, they still might be disappointed, however they will easily be able to plan their next visit knowing that it might not be available if don’t plan in advance.

Have A Plan For Your Ticket Structure

Having a well-organized ticket structure can help you better manage your daily admission sales (in-house and online). As a family entertainment center owner (trampoline parks, laser-tag, etc.), you need to ask yourself some questions when developing an admission strategy. What are my hours? How long will ticket sessions last? What is the capacity of my facility during any one session? These are just a few questions that must be addressed when creating a ticket structure.

All this information can be organized with point of sale software so your facility will be operating at peak efficiency when you are at your busiest. LilYPad point of sale software has the ability to create time/game slots throughout regular operating hours using our Tracker feature. You can also create multiple Trackers if you operate more than one attraction.

Creating Weekly Events

Weekly events are fairly common with family entertainment centers as well. These are events that fall outside of the regular, daily schedule, such as fitness classes, dedicated times for special needs or toddlers, etc. Have these events set up separately from your facility’s regular Trackers is beneficial because you and your staff will be able to manage them more efficiently. Using LilYPad, your customers will be able to choose the type of ticket they wish to purchase right from your own website!

Creating Unique, One-Time Events

LilYPad also has the ability to create one or multi-day events such as a Halloween Party, special character/guest appearances, or a trampoline dodge ball tournament. These events can be created for any time period, even outside of your regular hours. LilYPad will manage these tickets separate from all the others that you may be selling and will of course prevent overbooking. If this event takes the place of a regularly scheduled ticket, LilYPad gives you the ability to block out specific dates and times without having to turn them off completely. You can just block it for the day and forget it.

These are just a few helpful features that are included with LilYPad point of sale software but regardless of what point of sale system you use, keeping a tight, clean schedule for your ticket sales can reduce stress on you, your staff and your customers. Using these strategies will all contribute to the continued success, whether you are veteran in the business or just opening your facility for the first time!

Support and Service are always available
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