The one BIG do and do not of email marketing

building trust in your email marketing

Why is asking for your customers email address so hard?

We have all been there: some how some company gets a hold of your email address and you are spammed with emails about products you don’t need or want. Of course we are cautious about who we provide our email addresses to, and for good reason.

But there is an alternative to this perspective too. When a company you actually use and value has your email address and they sparingly send you emails that are specifically geared to your select interests, these emails are a welcomed and appreciated tool for the informed consumer.

Why you need to ask your customers for their email address, and what you can do with it when you have it.

Providing your customer with an in-store transaction and hoping they will return offers little in the way of guaranteed revenue. External advertising is imperative, but it is also like fishing in the ocean; you hope someone out there will like what you are offering. Fishing in a stocked pond, on the other hand, greatly increases your odds of a bite. Fishing metaphors aside, how can you tap into a “stocked” market?

The great thing about online or in-store birthday party booking, camp and workshop registration is that you can simply receive a customer’s email address for the practical purposes of email confirmations, receipts and invoicing. Email marketing is a huge opportunity.

Using LilYPad’s customer database to store email addresses allows you to send messages to your customers quickly and easily. New programming, deals, promotions or products? Now it is so easy for your to advertise your family entertainment centre’s news and events via email, and you can even promote to specific customer demographics, like parents with girls aged 7 to 10.

Do: be the company that customers value and appreciate: use selective email marketing to delve into the niches of your market

Do Not: abuse your access to their email by over-sharing advertisements they do not relate to. This is a strategy that builds trust and respect between your family entertainment centre and your customers, ensuring a long relationship.

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