important features of online party booking software

Did you know that online party booking is now available from LilYPad?

It seems obvious to us here at LilYPad, but we strongly value feedback and input from our existing and potential customers. At the IAAPA trade show last November, most of the people that we talked to strongly valued having the ability to have their customers book and process birthday party sales online. We are excited to announce that LilYPad can now seamlessly integrate with your website. When customers book and pay for parties online, all the sale details will automatically transfer into your point of sale LilYPad database and will immediately show up in calendars and reports. Your customers will not even have to leave your website!

What does online party booking mean for your family entertainment centre?

In a few words: significantly increased sales. With our help, your customers can book parties 24/7, increasing your operating hours and sales potential greatly. Customers will be excited by a system that allows them to research their party, find the time and date that suits their availability, book their party, take advantage of promotions, and have their party confirmed instantly. Full integration with your POS means that your FEC staff will get up-to-the-minute accurate information when booking parties in store or over the phone, preventing overbooking at all points of access. This integration ensures your family entertainment centre will always operate at the height of professionalism and reliability.

What 6 features are most important in shopping for online party booking software?

  1. Does it seamlessly integrate with your POS to save you time and money?
  2. Is it reliable: does it prevent overbooking?
  3. Does it integrate with my reports to produce definitive and traceable results?
  4. Is the information stored secure and safe for my customers and for my business?
  5. Can my customers customize, book, and secure their parties with deposits and other payments?
  6. Is it easy for myself and my staff to use as well as customers of all skill levels?


At LilYPad we know that shopping for software can be stressful when there is so much at stake for your companies reputation. We understand that the online booking process is just one more step in the whole part experience for your customers, and as such it NEEDS to be easy, stress-free and inspire confidence for your clients.