The 5 reasons you need bar coded wristbands at your family entertainment center


Integrating custom printed wristbands into your point of sale system is easy with LilYPad. Want to track current occupancy or add things to an existing customer’s sale? Also easy. Just connect a bar code scanner to your computer and scan the bar code on the wristband which connects that person to a sale in LilYPad.

We use high quality strong, water resistant (water-proof is available too) wristbands that have your logo and website address and other important details about the customer and the sale printed directly on them.

Check out the five main reasons LilYPad customer benefit from using bar coded wristbands in their facilities:

  • Keep track of how many customers are in your facility
  • Use color-coded wristbands to allow/verify access to different areas (ie: green for trampolines, red for laser tag,  blue for water park, etc.)
  • Enhanced security – only allow matching wristbands to leave together
  • Keep track of how many games or tickets each customer has (ie: laser tag, mini-golf games, etc.)
  • Marketing and branding – kids like to wear wristbands long after they have left your facility

Bar coded wristbands are functional and fun. Kids love to feel like they are part of an exclusive group or happening, and colored wristbands announce that to the world.

Print custom wristbands from LilYPad

Being able to print custom wristbands with bar-codes directly from your Family Entertainment Center point-of-sale software allows you to keep track of how many customers are currently in your facility. LilYPad makes it easy for you. Contact us today for an online demo.

What benefits have you gained from using wristbands in your facility? Let us know your thoughts.

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