Stay Competitive During the Summer!


Summer is here and while school is out it can be a difficult time for many indoor family entertainment centers(FECs). Many would think this is a great opportunity with all the free time kids will have but in reality it becomes more difficult when parents choose outdoor activities due to the nice weather. Keep your FEC competitive this summer with a few of these helpful tips.

Summer Ideas
The key to staying successful when operating an indoor FEC is to promote to your demographic as much as possible; let them know you’re out there. This can be achieved a number of ways. Offer free single admission passes to let people know that you have fun events and activities for the summer too! You can do things like setting up small outdoor attractions like inflatable pools and slides. Also don’t forget to advertise that your establishment is air conditioned. Everyone will be looking for ways to beat the heat; let them know how!

What many successful FECs are already doing is offering day or week long summer camps which will guarantee to keep your establishment busy and full of kids. Create summer camps that include visits to nearby water parks, public pools, outdoor playgrounds or splash pads. Create a special arrangement or mutually beneficial partnership with local outdoor attractions, such as a water park to help offset the additional cost of these special excursions. Everyone wins when we help each other out!

Let your customers know!
LilYPad customers already know how easy it is to create, manage and use their customer database. Sending email blasts to your customers about these summer promotions is a great way of reminding them that you offer fun things to do in the summer too. Many parents need to fill their children’s schedule with supervised activities while they are at work. By offering fun and creative ways to entertain their children when school is out, you will have the kids excited and Mom and Dad happy to sign them up!

Be sure to let your customers know that your family entertainment center is the place to be this summer!
Get out there for some summer fun!

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