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Should you make corporate rates and discounts for your family entertainment centre?

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What are corporate rates?

Corporate rates are special rates that are often offered by service industry businesses such as car rental companies, airlines, hotels, and/or other travel providers to special groups of people.

For example, a major corporation like IBM may negotiate corporate rates with a hotel chain like Marriott to obtain a steeply discounted rate that will be used for corporate travel.

Corporate rates may typically start at 10% off the regularly published rate for hotels. In exchange for the agreed discount, the hotel gains more regular and potentially loyal customers, as well as potential referral business.

Why should you incorporate corporate rates at your family entertainment centre?

Corporate rates aren’t just for major corporations, even a “little guy” can utilize the increase business revenue and loyalty that comes with corporate rates. Remember, you don’t have to be a big corporation to provide a corporate rate. The big difference for you and your FEC is that you will not likely be approached by local offices, businesses or organizations seeking your rates. You will have to pro-actively seek out these agreements. Simply contact a businesses and organizations in your area and sell your services to them; offering the company the opportunity to pass savings onto their employees is a win-win for everyone involved!

Discounted corporate parties, special family rates and 10 – 15% off goods and services are sometimes great incentive for building a loyal customer base. Having a special discount means this demographic will be more likely to feel privileged and elite when using your services. Half the battle of a good sales experience is tackled in this alone!

The real question here isn’t why should you incorporate corporate rates, but rather, why shouldn’t you!



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