Sell tickets directly from your website


Do you and your staff spend too much time on the phone with customers who are checking availability and/or reserving admission/ticket times?

LilYPad offers you the ability to allow your customers to buy tickets directly from your own website! This is very easy to set up and it can be added to your website in minutes! For your customers, it makes it so easy to check availability, reserve a time and pay for their tickets! If you are a high volume facility, this is a must have! Think of the time that you can save by having your customer do this for themselves. If you run a trampoline park, laser tag facility, mini golf course, bowling center, or really any business that offers time or game based tickets, you will want to contact us at 1-866-419-4043 today to learn more and see how it works

How it Works
Once a customer purchases their tickets through your website, they will receive a confirmation email with the details of their transaction. (If you use LilYPad’s built-in waiver management system, the email will also contain a link to your website’s waiver form where they can enter a code so that the sale will be linked to their waiver file!) The sale, including payment, is recorded into your LilYPad system immediately. LilYPad will prevent overbooking and makes it easy for you to find the sale when the customer comes in.

Time Saving
Some of our customers actually sell thousands of tickets online each week! Think of the time saved if these customers were buying their tickets at your front desk or over the phone! When you factor in the efficiency of using our automated waiver system and online birthday party booking, the time savings really start to add up! It makes our monthly subscription look like a drop in the bucket! Contact us today to find out how LilYPad can work for your facility.

New LilYPad Customers
We are always excited to welcome new customers and share what they are doing! Here are a few new customers that have just started using LilYPad:

Mega Trampoline in the Chicago area started using LilYPad last month. Through their website, customers can buy tickets, sign waivers and book parties! Check them out on-line at: and be sure to go for a jump if you are in the area!

Klub4Kidz, the coolest hangout for kids in Brooklyn, is an indoor playground that started using LilYPad a few weeks ago! They are currently offering their customers the ability to sign waivers directly from their website. They are finding it much easier to keep track of their birthday parties, memberships, customers, etc. now that they are using LilYPad! Check them out on-line here:

LazerMaze just opened in the Toronto area and started using LilYPad the first day they opened for business! LazerMaze has the most awesome Laser Tag arena in the area. Make sure you check them out at LazerMaze can currently have customers sign waivers on their website. LazerMaze will also be adding the ability to sell tickets and book birthday parties in the next few months!

Do you want to be mentioned here too? Be sure to give us a call at 1-866-419-4043 or send an email to to find all about what LilYPad can do for you!