Retaining Sales: How to Prevent Abandoned Online Carts

Abandoned Carts

Abandoned Online Shopping Carts

Approximately 7 out of 10 online customers abandon online shopping carts. That is a very large number when considering the potential revenue lost for 70% of online customers for your business, but how do you as a business owner prevent this from happening? This is especially a concern for family entertainment centres as most customers prefer to make booking online rather than over the phone or in person.

While there is no guarantee customers will complete their sales 100% of the time, there are several ways that you can help you retain these sales:

  1. Make your Pricing Transparent

    One of the main causes of abandon shopping carts is unanticipated or unstated fees, taxes and shipping cost. Try to make any additional fees upfront and visible at the start of the purchase process so customers don’t get a surprise once they are ready to submit a payment.

  2. Keep the Sales Process Straightforward

    Many customers may get overwhelmed by long, drawn out transaction processes the require them to collect large amounts of data they may not be sure about at the time of purchase. This is especially true for online booking applications. If the customer is required to fill out numerous fields they are unsure about, they may just give up and you will lose the sale. Keep the process short and straightforward and worry about the minutia later and you will see an uptick in your online sales.

  3. Make your Website Secure

    Many customers will immediately refuse to do any payment processing if a website doesn’t have the proper SSL security certificates. This is a simple option to add to any website and costs a small yearly fee that you get acquire from your web hosting company.

    Also be sure that any payment processor you use prominently displays payment security credentials or “Trust Seals” for the customer to review. This will increase buyer confidence and decrease the likelihood of abandoned carts.

At LilYPad POS, we strive to give our clients reliable advice regarding online sales retention based on our years of experience with online sales and family entertainment centres. Even when a cart is abandoned, LilYPad POS’ Abandon Cart reporting tracks any time a customer leaves a booking or sales incomplete so you can follow up and hopefully recover some lost revenue.

Contact us at 1-866-419-4043 or today to find out how we can help!

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