TouchlessUsing LilYPad to Reduce Touch Points with Online Pre-Booking and Waivers


Congratulations and best of luck to those facilities who have been given the green light to resume operations! And to those still waiting…you’ll likely be using this time to make some last minute adjustments to keep your customers and employees safe until this Covid 19 virus is no longer a threat.

In this current situation we find ourselves in, FEC’s need to find ways to manage the perceptions of a wide range of individuals with very different attitudes, opinions and comfort levels. The effects of perceived negligence can be harsh and swift in this age of social media. To come out on top and stand above the rest, these facilities need to err on the side of caution so perceptions are held in high regard. The most common concern for owner/ operators, customers and employees alike are effective cleaning and disinfecting procedures. The things people need to touch must be regularly sanitized and the things they don’t need to touch, they won’t. Reducing touch points is going to help in many ways and provide a less stressful experience for your clients. This is where LilYPad POS software can help.

In conversation with many owner/ operators, I’m finding that the typical general admission entry structure is being pushed aside for the time being to make way for time block admission method of entry. These time blocks will allow structured blocks of activity time followed by a regularly scheduled cleaning and disinfecting session, followed by another block of activity time. To make sure customers receive the maximum benefit from that block of time, FEC’s are encouraging (and in some cases making it mandatory) that these blocks be reserved ahead of time. Online reservations made through LilYPad not only allow customers to book in advance, they also free up staff from taking phone reservations and enable them to focus more on required cleaning and maintenance.

Giving your customers the option of booking online and completing their waivers from your website before they arrive will at least allow your customers to manage their own comfort level and might be one of the tipping points that make them confident in their choice to visit your facility.

Please take care and be safe.

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