Memberships with Photos!


Memberships are important to family entertainment centers not only because they offer a continuous revenue stream, but also because it creates brand loyalty with your customers. Memberships benefit customers because they are able to access the fun entertainment that your facility provides for a discounted price. Memberships tend to fall into two categories:

Play Pass Memberships
When a customer buys a 5, 10 or 20 pack of admissions or games. This type of membership offers the customer to pre-pay for a bulk amount of admission passes or games at a reduced or discounted amount. Typically the larger passes will come with larger discounts.

Monthly Membership
The monthly (or annual) type of membership can vary from facility to facility. Sometimes this type of memberships gives the customer an unlimited number of admission passes, laser tag games, mini-golf games or trampoline jump times. Other times the type of membership will offer the customer a discount on all products and services that are offered at the facility.

Both types of memberships can easily be managed using LilYPad. Most facilities will give their customers a membership card after they buy a membership. This card has a magnetic stripe (or bar code) that LilYPad can use to track how many passes, games or time is remaining on the membership. This type of card is similar to a gift card, which is usually the size of a credit card.

The problem with issuing regular membership cards for monthly memberships
Typically monthly memberships are not transferable and therefore they become a little more difficult to ensure that members do not sharing their membership cards with friends or other family members. The solution to this problem usually involves a photograph being taken of the member when the membership is purchased. This requires the facility to invest in expensive equipment to create membership cards at the time of purchase.

LilYPad to the rescue…Memberships with Photos!
Luckily for you, LilYPad’s newest feature solves this problem by allowing you to save a picture of your customer right in LilYPad! Each time the membership is used, your staff will see the photograph and can confirm that it is the actual member. You can use a regular digital camera, cell phone camera, or even a web cam! No formatting or re-sizing is necessary as LilYPad takes care of all this for you!

To see how easy it is to use this new feature in LilYPad, give us a call at 1 866 419-4043 or email me directly at

LilYPad has been custom developed for facilities in the family entertainment industry, including indoor playgrounds, laser tag arenas, trampoline parks, bowling centers, inflatable destinations, mini golf attractions, roller skating rinks, paintball facilities, water parks and so many more.. Our philosophy when it comes to software is that it should be easy to use and come with excellent service, and offered at a reasonable price. You no longer have to pay high premiums for quality software that was custom built for your business! Give us a call today!

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