Maximize customer spending

Focus on growing you business, not managing your POS system or training staff.

Coming up with new ways to keep your customers spending their money at your facility is a top priority for most Family Entertainment Centers these days. The effort has been put in and the money has been spent on marketing and promotion to attract customers to your indoor play center, so it only makes sense to increase the amount of money those customers spend each time they visit. Think about providing more attractions like redemption arcades, concession stands and gift shops. These all will encourage your customers to stay longer and spend more money.

Generally speaking FEC’s offering food and beverages for sale in an indoor food court make more of a profit margin because customers stay and eat. This also is great for the customers, especially those with young children, who value the convenience of not having to pack everybody up into the car and drive to another place to get something to eat.

Kids love having souvenirs, especially from their favorite places. So having a place for parents and kids to shop for things like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, cups and pens can be another positive way to ensure customers spend more money.

Keep track of all your sales in a point of sale system that allows you to see what are the best sellers and what products turn the highest profit. This data is very valuable because you can quickly see what are the best sellers and what has the highest margins. If your current system does not help you to make important decisions about the products and services you sell, maybe it is time to have a look at LilYPad. LilYPad was custom built for family entertainment centers and is not only affordable, but also simple to learn and use.


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