Managing Special Events with LilYPad




There are many occasions in the calendar year which fall outside of a family entertainment center’s regular hours of operations, such as holidays and school closures. This is where hosting special events and extending hours at a family entertainment center can be a great way of generating additional revenue besides regularly scheduled attractions. Whether it be a trampoline park, indoor playground or anything in between, running special events can separate your facility from everyone else by showing you are proactive in rewarding frequent customers with new and exciting events to keep them coming back regularly.

There are many kinds of special events you can run, which may include mini concerts, special guest appearances, discounted price and holiday events, and the list goes on. Once the event is planned, the task of managing these extraordinary events properly comes next. Besides letting your customer know about any upcoming special events, you want to allow them to book/buy admission tickets as easily as possible. This is where having the right point of sale system can help. Obtaining point of sale software that allows you to book these special events ahead of time can help guarantee the event will get the attendance it needs, and not be over-booked.

When using point of sale software for special events, you must consider how many customer you can accommodate. Software that allows you to set a maximum capacity will ensure that your special event will never be over-booked saving the trouble of having to refund upset customers’ purchases. Settings like these will also allow for worry-free booking with the use of online sales. This can be a great boon to sales when properly linked to an email blast, website and/or social media outlet (Like Facebook!).

LilYPad point of sale software offers all the features mentioned above and more when it comes to managing special events. LilYPad allows the user to efficiently manage the dynamic nature of special event planning by allowing custom time slots, limit the capacity or amount of tickets sold. Want to know how many spots you have left? It’s no problem with LilYPad; you can see any special events occupancy with a click of a button. Since LilYPad is web-based, all this information is updated in real-time.

There are many other related features and functions that are possible with LilYPad. Give us a call at 1-866-419-4043 or send an email to to learn more. Demos can be as quick as 20 minutes or can be as long as you like. Be sure to check us out, you won’t be disappointed!