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Make a Splash with your Water Park this Summer

by | Apr 7, 2021 | 2 comments

Roller SkatingOnline Pre Booking to Manage Capacity and Predict Resources for your Water Park with LilYPad POS


Summer activity season is just around the corner and it’s shaping up to be a successful season for Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) that have gotten past a challenging year. Many family attractions and amusement centers are showing record revenues in the wake of all the lockdowns and restrictions. Once restrictions are lifted and people feel comfortable, they are heading out in droves looking for cures to the boredom and monotony of this past year.

Most Water Parks operate outdoors and contain relatively few physical touch points, which makes them ideal options for exciting entertainment for a wide variety of participants with different comfort levels. As a result, many Water Parks are getting primed to put themselves above and beyond their competition in a number of ways as restrictions lift.

To keep touch points to a minimum and to manage capacity levels, many Water Parks are establishing online booking capabilities from their website. This allows customers to pre-book their visit in advance and be comfortable that they won’t need to wait in line or be turned away at the gate because the facility is at its maximum occupancy. This capability also allows the facility to accurately budget their employee resources for any particular time period. Online booking can also give you and your customers a better idea of how busy your facility will be even before you open your doors.

Many Water Parks are establishing online booking capabilities from their websites…

Waivers are also becoming a popular tool for Water Parks to protect themselves from injury or illness related liability as well as a means of collecting important information – including email addresses – from their customers. This information can be used proactively to stay relevant in the mind of their customers and to drive future sales through email marketing.

Waivers are also becoming a popular tool for Water Parks to protect themselves…

Many customers are now expecting this level of diligence when it comes to online booking, capacity restrictions and many business owners are looking to protect themselves from any possible issues that can be mitigated by liability waivers, so it’s a good way to ensure both you and your customers feel safe reopening this summer. There is no better time to initiate new processes and embrace new technology to stay relevant and responsible.

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  1. Tyson

    Is LilyPad going to be coming out with a scanner for on-line sells to have a QR code to scan and speed up the entry process? And maybe they already have a option that I do not know about


    • Taylor Burgess

      Hi Tyson,

      LilYPad is always looking for feedback on what we can do to better serve our customers. Currently LilYPad does not send a QR code with the online sales receipts. I will make sure to pass this suggestion on and this may be something added to LilYPad in the near future!



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