LilYPad for

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a great way to get the kids away from the TV and get the family together for some fun activity and exercise!

A Competitive Game

To Test Skills and Strategy

Laser tag is a popular game that simulates combat using infrared beams and special equipment. Players wear vests or other gear that can detect and respond to infrared signals, and use handheld devices that emit infrared beams as “weapons.” The objective of the game is to “tag” other players by hitting them with the beams while avoiding being tagged yourself. Laser tag can be played indoors or outdoors, and can be a solo or team activity. Some venues offer laser tag as a recreational activity, while others use it as a training tool for the military, law enforcement, or other groups.

Operating a Laser Tag facility, whether indoor or outdoor, can be difficult and time-consuming without the right point-of-sale system. LilYPad’s easy-to-use interface and reasonable price make it an easy choice for any Laser-Tag facility!

The Tools You Need

For a Successful Laser Tag Facility

Here are some LilYPad POS Software features that highlight its versatility when dealing with the specific needs that arise while operating a Laser Tag Facility.

Party Booking

LilYPad’s in-house booking features allow your staff to book parties on the spot for the current day or future events. Not only are parties displayed on LilYPad’s calendar but you can also print out a list of parties with guest lists and add-ons for each day.  LilYPad’s party booking features can be further extended with LilYPad’s Online Party Booking module allowing customers to book parties through your website 24 hours a day.

Ticket Sales

One of the keys to having a profitable Laser Tag facility is to run as close to full capacity as possible. LilYPad will allow you to track admissions ensuring you never exceed your capacity. LilYPad’s Online Ticket Sales Module will allow all of your tickets to be available online through your website so your customers can ensure they book the time they want. 

Waiver Management

LilYPad gives customers the ability to fill out electronic waivers in-house using equipment such as tablets and touchscreen displays. All these electronic waivers get attached to the customer’s profile so they need never fill out multiple waivers! With LilYPad’s Online Waiver module customers can create their own profiles and sign their waivers before they even get to the park via your website

Wristband Management

LilYPad has a great feature that allows establishments to print wristbands for customers. LilYPad can track the facility’s current occupancy by scanning customers in and out using the bar code located on their wristbands. Another useful feature of wristbands is the option to use multiple colours to keep track of different groups and/or timed admissions.

Employee Time Clock

This built-in LilYPad feature keeps track of all employee information, hourly rates and hours worked; multiple reports can be printed based on this information. Managers & Administrators can view all this information at any time on LilYPad with ease!

Real-Time Updates

All party bookings, ticket sales and customer waivers that are processed on your website with LilYPad’s modules are immediately visible to anyone logged into LilYPad. This real-time interaction provides customers with up-to-date information about availability and also offers Kidz Kastle overbooking protection!

Everything you need to run your business

LilYPad Modules

Online Party Booking

Allow customers to view your schedule in real-time, book their party, and pay online.

Online Product Sales

Sell gift cards online, as well as memberships, classes, and camps.

Online Waiver

Streamline the check-in process by having your customers fill out their waivers before they arrive.

Online Ticket Sales

Selling admission tickets online helps keep your line-ups short and customers happy by ensuring they get the time they want.

Auto Membership

Set up memberships and LilYPad will automatically process recurring payments.

Advanced Customer Management

More tools to better manage online customers. Send surveys after parties, allow customers to manage their party guests, and take payments for group sales.

Let’s Talk About Your Business

There are many other features and functionality that we would love to show you. If you would like to get a demonstration of how LilYPad can help your Laser Tag facility. Demos can be as quick as 20 minutes or can be as long as you like. Be sure to check us out…you won’t be disappointed!

Laser tag in an arena