Language Support with LilYPad


Reach All of your Customers

Having a successful business is a rewarding experience, but if you can’t reach all of your customers due to language barriers the business won’t reach it’s true potential. This is a common issue with businesses that use online applications for customers to interact with. If the customer doesn’t understand the language the customer-facing online applications, then it’s obvious that you will lose that customer’s business due to something as simple a language. This is especially important when a business operates in a city that has two or more primary languages.

Language Support for Family Entertainment Centres

For family entertainment centers, like trampoline parks, indoor playgrounds laser tag facilities, etc., being able to accommodate customers who speak and read in a different language can make a big difference in sales because a customer will be able to understand and submit information through your website. When a customer comes to book a party or sign a waiver using online applications, providing language support will let your customers know they are valued just as much as any other customer, regardless of their language. This builds a relationship with that customer and opens the door for future business. If your family entertainment center is the only place around that provides language support for your customers, those customers will keep coming back.

Customer-Facing Online Apps with LilYPad Point of Sale Software

LilYPad POS provides customer-facing language support for all of it’s online applications. If a customer needs to book a party, reserve tickets, sign waiver, etc., then LilYPad will provide an option to switch between preset languages depending on what they understand. All of LilYPad’s online features integrate directly with the LilYPad point of sale system so whenever a customer submits anything through LilYPad’s online features, they will be directly submitted into the LilYPad point of sale system, regardless of language. The system will also remember their language preference and will automatically print receipts and send emails in the language of their choice.

There are many other features and functions other than language support that are possible with LilYPad. You can book a live demo of the software where one of our staff will take you through everything that you’re looking for in LilYPad. Give us a call at 1-866-419-4043 or send an email to to book your live demo today.

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