Join the Club! (email blasts made easy)


Capturing the customer contact details should be a goal of every family entertainment center, whether big or small. Indoor playgrounds, laser tag facilities, trampoline parks, inflatable centers, skating rinks, paintball centers all have the desire and potential to bring in repeat customers. Keep these customers coming in again and again by making sure they know what you are doing. Having your customer’s name and email address will allow you to send Email Blasts to your customers to promote exciting events, special discounts and new promotions! If you are able to gather more detailed information, such as your customer’s children’s details (name, gender, birthday), you will be able to target your email blasts to specific customers … such as those with children whose birthday is in April.

Collect Customer Details
Collecting and storing all this information takes time and can be challenging … unless you are using LilYPad! Using LilYPad’s online Club feature, you can easily add a page on your own website to have your customers send this information to you! Encourage your customers to join the club by offering something in return. Some facilities will give a free pass, branded merchandise, free item from your snack bar or just the promise of special offers and discounts for the club members. When a customer fills out the club form on your website, the information is automatically saved in LilYPad. A customer profile is created with all their contact information and children’s details.

Track and Manage Coupons and Vouchers
As a LilYPad customer, you will have the ability to create Coupons or Vouchers that you can set up to be emailed automatically to your customers who have signed up for the Club! So after the customer completes the club application form, they will automatically be emailed a confirmation and thank you email. This email will contain the Coupon Code(s) that they will be able to redeem on their next visit. This coupon code can only be used once and can be set to expire.

Email Blasts!
With LilYPad you are able to use several filtering options with the email addresses of your customers. For example, if using the Club feature, you will be able to select all your club members. You are even able to select all your female club members between the ages of 5 and 12 who have a birthday in July! Talk about target marketing!

Ongoing Club Benefits
Some facilities call their club a Birthday Club and will give each child in the club a free pass each year on their birthday. LilYPad allows you to send an email blast to selected club members with a coupon/voucher code. All you need to do is select the customers you wish to email (by birth month for example) and then send the message! When customers come in to use their coupon/voucher code, LilYPad will track and manage everything for you.

Time to Check out LilYPad!
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