The Importance of Self Help Tools


Many Point of Sale Software applications are out there that make operating a business easier and more productive. When used to their full capabilities, a business can benefit greatly from a versatile point of sale system. This is where having a properly structured Self Help tool becomes essential.

Getting Acquainted with the New System

Most new software programs have a bit of a learning curve to begin with; this can cause varying degrees of difficulty depending on the end-user’s computer literacy. This is especially apparent when upgrading an older business with software that has no prior history with computer systems. Besides giving direct customer support (which should be available regardless), a Point of Sale system should have an easy-to-use, built-in Self Help option integrated into the normal operations of the system; this is a great way to take care of more simple issues that may occur.

Many people and businesses like to take care of issues themselves before resorting to calling a Support desk. Having Self Help tools within the Point of Sale software will cater to businesses that prefer autonomy, giving them the satisfaction of taking care of problems themselves. As a result, this built-in Self Help tool will allow an end-user’s staff to quickly and efficiently take care of any problem that may result from a lack of familiarity and/or experience with the new Point of Sale system.

Training New Staff

Hiring new staff can be an exciting yet stressful experience for you and your staff. Training takes time and money because current staff members must take time away from regular operations and focus on trainees. A good Self Help option can reduce the time it takes to train new employees by allowing them to operate a Point of Sale station alone more often because of the help available to them with a click/touch of a button.

Any simple questions regarding operations of the Point of Sale system can can be addressed without too much oversight from regular staff. This allows the regular staff to feel more comfortable having someone new operating the Point of Sale software and in turn will give the new employee the confidence to carry out their new work quickly and competently.

Keeping Up to Date

Any Point of Sale Software system worth investing in will have continual updates that fix, improve and make operations better in general for the end user. With that in mind, the Self Help tools must be updated as well to accommodate the new changes. It wouldn’t be much help if the Self Help guides and tutorials are training your staff on obsolete and sometimes non-existent functions of a POS system. Having the Self Help tools updated regularly will also limit the amount of support calls and questions when updating a system with new and improved functions and features.

These are just a few points to consider when looking for a Point of Sale system for your Family Entertainment Center or other type of facility. LilYPad is one such Point of Sale system that can confidently provide the kind of Self Help and support mentioned above and is available for your consideration.

That aside, when looking for Point of Sale software you must choose the one that best suits your needs, whatever type of business you are operating. There are many Point of Sale solutions for you to choose from but you need to decide who will best support you in the long run with the constantly evolving needs of your growing business.

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