Online Booking for Family Entertainment Centers


            Online booking can be a handy tool for your family entertainment center, especially when your establishment’s services are time oriented. A lot of business is great, but the last thing you want to see happen is your trampoline park overbooked. Online tools that allow your customers to book events in advance will make managing your schedule easier and give customers what they are looking for.

            E-commerce is on the rise and the consumer market needs to adapt. Customers are shopping online and businesses are looking to get their attention. So what’s the solution?  Get your website E-Commerce-ready and promote your online booking apps!

A Little Info about E-Commerce

            Online Retail and Services, more commonly known as E-Commerce, has been gradually on the rise since its initial introduction. In fact, the US department of Commerce released E-Commerce reports stating that the percentage of all retail sales that are online has nearly tripled since 2005, with E-commerce representing 2.3% ($20,742,000,000) of total US sales in 2005 and 6.2% ($71,188,000,000) in the first quarter of 2014.

            What does that mean to you as a business owner? It means that online transactions are rapidly becoming an important part of the consumer market. More and more people are looking for online solutions to their retail needs and businesses need to provide for this.

Have an Attractive Booking Application

            When integrating your online booking application (app) with your website, it needs to be upfront and clearly represented to the customer. Also, don’t shy away from putting multiple links to your booking app throughout your website. Use phrases like “Book Now!” for your links and buttons to make it obvious.

            Be sure to keep your integrated app simple too. Too many businesses suffer from poor online sales due to booking apps that are too complicated for the customer to bother with. This oversight can give customers the wrong impression of your establishment and may prevent future business from them.

            Keep it quick, clean, and easy for your customers because not everyone is computer-savvy. Make life easy for your customers and they will think of you first when looking for a good experience from start to finish!

Reward Your Customers

            When a customer wants to book an event at your establishment, you will want them to feel like online booking is the best option not only for you, but for them as well. After all, you want the customer to enjoy their experience so that they will continue to come back. One of the best ways to get people to book online is providing incentives for those who do. A few good promotional ideas include:

  • VIP Treatment (first choice of party rooms, customer priority, etc.).
  • Add free extras
  • Introduce discounted “online” pricing

Promote Your Online Booking

            Having good pricing and a sharp looking app is great, but you need to let people know it’s there! Getting customers aware of your online booking system is tough but is definitely worth the effort.

            Social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter have given small businesses powerful (and free!) tools to reach out to many customers and businesses. Post/Tweet often about your online booking app and the benefits of using it, like the customer rewards mentioned earlier.

            In-house rewards can be useful as well, such as promotional codes for customers attending your facility. They can be printed on receipts or handed out individually. This can help encourage your customers to consider booking online in the future! And don’t forget, if you have a website, it’s more than likely that you can blog, so get out there and let people know!