Reflecting on the IATP 2nd Annual Conference & Trade Show


Now that everything is getting back to normal after the IATP (International Association of Trampoline Parks) 2nd Annual Conference & Trade Show last week, at LilYPad we think it’s a good time to reflect on the positive experience that was provided by the IATP. LilYPad is grateful for the opportunity to take part in the great success the trade show turned out to be; we can’t thank the people of the IATP enough! We were also fortunate enough to have Mercury Payment Systems join us to provide integrated credit processing services; we would like to extend to them a special thanks as well. There were several highlights that the trade show offered for its attendees and members alike; let’s go over a few notable ones.

The Setting


First of all, the weather over the few days of the trade show was great. It made travelling to Scottsdale, Arizona from London, Ontario a breeze! The IATP also provided ample space and plenty of food and drinks for everyone at the trade show. We can’t imagine anyone went hungry even though this year’s show hosted more than twice the occupants than last year!

Trade Show & Seminars

Many of these attendees benefited from the numerous seminars that the IATP organized for newcomers as well as those already heavily involved in the Trampoline Park industry. there was never a shortage of activities as the trade show floor was always available during and between seminars.

Banquet & Guest Speaker

The IATP also provided an excellent banquet for the attendees as well as an engaging guest speaker: the daughter of George Nissen, Dian Nissen Ramirez! Check out her twitter feed here. She enlightened us with the story of the trampoline from a unique perspective as the daughter of the man responsible for inventing such an amazing piece of technology. LilYPad would like to say a very special thanks to Dian for presenting us with a new insight into the reason why all of us were gathered last week: the trampoline!

So there are just a few highlights of what made the IATP 2nd Annual Conference & Trade Show a worthwhile place be on October 14th – 16th. We hope to see everyone next year as well as any newcomers interested in being a part of the IATP. So to wrap things up LilYPad would again like to thank all those involved that made the trade show the success that it was and we hope to attend next year!