Getting Friendly with Mobile Devices


Mobile Technology is Taking Over the Internet

If you haven’t noticed already, mobile devices like smart phones and tablets have become the main source of internet access for many people around the world. The quick and easy web access that mobile technology provides makes it an important factor for any business to consider when getting connected to their customers via the internet. To accommodate this need, many web development companies are expected to provide mobile-friendly solutions when creating a web site for clients; this has become an industry standard. With that in mind, any booking or e-commerce applications that are embedded into your web site need to be mobile-friendly as well.

The Window of Opportunity

Internet-enabled mobile devices are making it extremely easy for consumers to research, buy, and – in the case of family entertainment centres – book services and products. This has led people to desire easy-to-use web applications that will allow them to do these things in the span of a couple minutes of idle time. A large selection of products and vast customization options are great for when a consumer is sitting down at a computer with the intent of making a purchase, but this isn’t necessarily the best option when dealing with mobile consumers. How many times do people pull out a mobile device in a car ride or waiting room? Those few minutes are crucial when attempting to get a customer to commit to a service or product. Therefore, that web application needs to be easy and intuitive. Simplicity is key when a consumer’s interest is piqued.

Mobile-Friendly Web Applications for Family Entertainment Centres

Family entertainment centres – trampoline parks, indoor playgrounds, etc. – that have the ability to sell their products and services online have a big advantage over those who don’t; this is especially true for consumers that regularly use mobile devices. Enabling customers with the ability to book parties, sell tickets, and fill out waivers in advance on their mobile devices can be a great boon for business as well as smooth operations when consumers check in.

For example, facilities that require waivers often have their operations bottle-necked by customers who haven’t filled out their waivers. An online, mobile-friendly waiver form gives customers the ability use their smart phones to fill out their waivers while waiting in line; this can be especially advantageous for a trampoline park that reserves specific jump times in advance.

Keeping online resources like web sites, waiver forms, and booking applications simple and easily accessible for mobile users can make the difference when a customer is deciding where they want to spend their time and money. To that end, having a mobile-friendly site gives the impression that the family entertainment centre is modern, professional, and considerate to mobile users. This encourages first time and repeat business as well as provide free word-of-mouth advertising from those sold on the website’s mobile-responsive technology.

About LilYPad Point of Sale Software

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