Roller SkatingNeed a Summer Camp & Class Scheduling Tool for your FEC? LilYPad POS has you covered!


With Summer right around the corner, many family entertainment centers are looking for ways to provide options for tired parents looking for a break after a long winter, especially in places where schools have been locked down and digital classrooms have been the norm. This is a perfect opportunity for your business to start running extended camps and classes so customers have a great way of entertaining their kids and getting a much needed break.

No need to purchase yet another software system to complement your online sales.

This unprecedented demand for child care this summer can be easily facilitated by LilYPad’s low cost, integrated solution for busy facilities trying to keep up with all their bookings and reservations. No need to purchase yet another software system to complement your online sales. LilYPad POS has an integrated online Camp/Class scheduler in addition to being a fully functional Point of Sale software that will help streamline your summer camp registrations directly into LilYPad POS for a one stop online booking shop.

Your customer can go to your website, find the camp they want to register, choose the dates they would like to attend, then make a credit card payment all online to confirm their booking. Once booked, the customer will be immediately prompted to fill out their participation waiver so your customers won’t be rushing to fill it out last minute when they arrive on the first day of camp.

…this feature can be used all year round!

Taking online camp reservations has never been easier for the Family Entertainment Industry using LilYPad POS and don’t forget, this feature can be used all year round!

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