LilYPad Feature: Game Tracker (e-tickets)


Keeping track of your attractions has never been this easy!
If your family entertainment center has laser tag, trampolines, mini golf, bowling, go karts, water slides or any other attraction that you sell tickets for, you will want to pay close attention to the next couple of paragraphs. The newest feature in LilYPad gives you the ability to keep track of your customers who have purchased tickets to your attractions. Using wristbands and a bar code scanner you will always know how many games (or how much time) each customer has remaining. All you will need to do is scan the customer’s wristband each time they are about to play a game or enter an attraction area. No more tickets or tokens to worry about. Electronic ticketing is the way to go!

LilYPad is flexible. You can decide what packages or pricing works for you. You can have regular per game pricing, 2 for 1 pricing, unlimited games within an hour, or two or three or more! You can have special member pricing, which allows you to sell monthly or annual memberships, which LilYPad will of course track for you. The combinations and choices really are endless. LilYPad has been designed, as much as possible, to fit with how you want to do things.

With LilYPad’s game tracker you are able to view the number of scheduled games/customer for any day, in any time slot. LilYPad will not allow you to over book any time slot. You set the maximum number of customers per time slot and LilYPad will ensure that you do not over book as you are selling more games.

Game Tracker is Integrated into Birthday Party Bookings
If you would like to sell birthday party packages that include a set number of games, it is easy to have LilYPad keep track of this information for you. You can also set up birthday party packages that include ‘unlimited’ games for the birthday party duration. Before the party arrived you can print out the wristbands; LilYPad will automatically know, based on preferences you have selected when booking the party, how many wristbands to print and the number of games to be included on each wristband.

All wristbands printed from LilYPad contain your logo and website address. They also include important information about the sale/party and a bar code that allows LilYPad to keep track of the number of tickets or time they have remaining. The wristbands are highly durable and water resistant (water proof are available). These wristbands are even a good form of advertising as many kids like to wear their wristbands for days, weeks or even months after. (yes months…I personally know kids who have!)

To check out just how easy it is to manage your attractions with LilYPad’s game tracker feature, give us a call at 1-866-419-4043 to schedule a time to see how it works with an online demonstration.

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