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Finding new customers and building a marketing database

by | Sep 16, 2013 | 0 comments


How do you entice new customers to your facility? Don’t you wish that if only people would come in once and experience your facility, they would be convinced that you provide a fun, safe and clean environment all at a great price?

There are many different ways to do this. Here at LilYPad we have found that many of our customers find that an effective solution is to offer people a free admission pass or game ticket in exchange for their name and email address. For most family entertainment centers, this does not cost anything since your facility is open any way, however, now the parents (and especially the kids) will be able to come in and experience how much fun it is to be there! They might even buy other products like food or beverages. Now you have automatically added their contact details to your marketing database so that you can send them relevant and timely promotional information. As an additional bonus, the kids will not forget how much fun they had and continuously ask their parents to go back!

Whether you decide to give away a free pass, offer a discounted rate or simply promise to send great deals and promotions, LilYPad makes it easy to collect customer’s contact information directly from your own website. We do all the programming, you simply have to copy and paste a small bit of code into the area of your website that you would like your customers to enter their name and email address. Then every time a customer on your website fills out their information and sends it to you, LilYPad will automatically store that information and email the confirmation email to the customer. When the customer comes in, they simply mention the promotion that they signed up for on the website and you will look them up in LilYPad to confirm that you have their contact information.

We here at LilYPad work hard to create the technology that makes life easier for those operating family entertainment centers, laser tag facilities, trampoline parks, indoor and outdoor inflatable centers, mini golf operators and so many more. If your business hosts birthday parties, you will want to strongly consider LilYPad as your software solution. Technology plays an important role in our lives today, however too often technology makes our lives more complicated. We understand that technology should improve our lives and make things more efficient and productive. Intergrated customer marketing tools are just another way that LilYPad makes life easier.

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