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As we all know, building a database of customers is important. One of the best way to keep in touch with your customers is by email. So always be sure to ask your customer for their email address. There will be a few people who will refuse, but most people will be happy to share their email address with you, especially if they know that you will email them with special offers and promotions. LilYPad not only stores your customer information for you, but it also has a couple of key features that you will not want to live without!

Automatically collect customer information
With LilYPad, you can automatically collect and save your customer’s information directly from your own website! You can ask your customer to provide some information about themselves, such as their name, email, children’s names and birth dates. In exchange for their information, you can give them something that they would value, such as a free pass or ticket, discounted admission, or other enticing offer. The customer will enter their information into a form on your website that will be send via email to you and will automatically be stored into LilYPad. The customer will receive an automatic thank you with your own message with a special code that will allow them to redeem their offer. It even gets better! LilYPad will also provide you with everything you need for this to function on your website! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Keep track of when customers use their special offer
When the customer’s information gets automatically stored into LilYPad, the children that were entered will be added to a feature we call the Birthday Club. The Birthday Club is a way for you to track when the customer has used the special offer that they received in exchanged for their contact information on your website. This feature is called the Birthday Club because many facilities choose to offer an annual recurring free pass on the child’s birth date, which is redeemable anytime throughout the next year. The Birthday Club is a simple feature that allows you to track one time use passes or recurring passes.

Send promotional emails to targeted customers

Now that all the information is saved in LilYPad, you can take advantage of the customer filtering tool that allows you to select a list customers based on the gender, birthday month or birthday year of their children! LilYPad makes it so easy to send emails from your favorite email program or email marketing system. For example you could create an email in Gmail or Outlook (or anywhere) and send it to all your customers who have boys between the ages of 7 and 12 with a birthday in November! Or maybe you have a new princess party package you want all your customer with girls between 3 and 6 to know about. Just imagine the possibilities!

LilYPad makes it so easy to collect, manage and use customer information. Does your software do this for you? Does your software’s monthly subscription price equal about half the price of one of you birthday party packages? Do you want to make your life easier and save some money on your software at the same time? Call 1 866-419-4043 or email to learn more today.

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