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It is obvious that everybody would like to increase their sales. I am going to let you in on a little known LilYPad feature that can actually increase your sales. This feature will not only increase your sales, but it will also make life easier and more convenient for both your customers and your staff! It also will decrease the number of actual financial transactions, which will mean that your customer has to open their wallet fewer times and your staff will have to process financial transactions few times. This should not only speed things up but it will also decrease human errors.

The feature that I am talking about is LilYPad’s ability to have your customers ‘run a tab’ while they are at your facility. In a nutshell, here is how it works: A customer with her two children walk in and buy what they need: admission, tickets or whatever. In LilYPad a sale is created and all those items are added to the sale, but instead of paying for that right now, the sale is saved and the customer and her two children are given bar-coded wristbands. When the bar-code on the wristband is scanned, LilYPad will open corresponding the sale and food, beverages or any items can easily be added. This process can be repeated any number of times. The children can be sent up to your cafe and order drinks or snacks without having to get money from Mom. When the customer is ready to leave, you will scan her wristband, which will open the sale in LilYPad and the customer will pay for the entire sale at that time.

This idea of ‘running a tab’ actually is proven to increase sales. It is similar to how people tend to spend more when using credit cards. When a customer does not actually have to pull out their wallet each time they want something, they will be more inclined to actually make the purchase.

After running around playing for an hour the kids are thirsty so they ask their Mom if they can have a drink or snack. Mom can simply wave to the cafe to let a staff member know that the kids are coming up to order drinks and snacks. The staff member just has to scan one of the wristbands and add the ordered items to the sale. Mom didn’t even have to get up from where she was reading a magazine or working on her laptop.

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