Earn more money with package deals

Using package deals to earn more money in a family entertainment center.

Everyone loves a good deal. A perfect way to make the customer happy and boost up your profits is to sell special package deals that allow the customer to save money on things like games, food and attractions.

Many Family Entertainment Centers have multiple attractions. Things like mini golf, bouncy castles, arcades, water parks, roller skating, laser tag and an indoor play structure. Why not bundle a couple of these together and sell package deals. This allows the customer to access other attractions, which they might not have considered buying in the first place, for a discounted price. Get creative and try packaging different things together and then keep track of the sales.

By analyzing this data over the weeks and months, you will begin to see what sells the most and then you will be able to create more customized package deals that your customers find the most attractive.

If you find tracking and analyzing sales of your package deals and products difficult or cumbersome, check out our point of sale software. LilYPad was custom built for family entertainment centers and makes it easy to keep track of your sales.

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