Customer Waivers Made Simple

customer waivers made easy

Having customers fill out and sign waivers is an important part of many family entertainment centers, especially centers that offer higher risk activities such as trampolines, laser tag, skateboarding, go carts and rock wall climbing. Ensuring that your customers have read and filled out your waiver can be a time consuming task, unless you are using LilYPad! LilYPad makes the waiver process easy, for both you and your customers. With LilYPad, you can have your waiver form available directly from your own website. New customers can go to the website, fill out the form and send their filled out waiver form directly back to you. The best part is that it will automatically be stored for easy retrieval and confirmation in LilYPad!

LilYPad will ensure that everyone has an active waiver on file before being allowed in your facility. An example, if a parent brings two children, one is their own child and the other is a friend. The friend will have to have a waiver filled out by their own parent or guardian. If this happens, LilYPad makes it easy to send an email to the parent so that they can fill out the waiver form on your website from work, home or where ever they happen to be.

Every time you sell a birthday party package you can simply send the customer an email directly from LilYPad, which will be an invitation to the party. The customer can then forward the invitation to all the parents of the children who are invited to the party. The invitation email will of course contain details about that party and will also contain a message about requiring a waiver and a direct link to your website that will make it easy for all the parents to enter their information and agree to the waiver’s conditions before arriving for the party. If the customer forgets to fill out the waiver before arriving, many LilYPad customers have a kiosk computer located at their front desk so that these customers fill out the waiver form at that time. Since the waiver is on your website, customers with smartphones are able to fill out the waiver directly from their own phones as well.

By having your customers fill out waiver forms online before they arrive, not only will it decrease the congestion at your front desk, resulting in happier customers and staff, but LilYPad will also store these customers in your database so that you can send them special promotions and offers!

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