Customer Waivers Made Easy

LilYPad-customer-waivers made easy

Does your facility require customers to sign waivers? How are you currently keeping track of your customer waivers?

We often hear horror stories about binders and boxes of paper waivers that are never properly organized and therefore next to impossible to find when a customer returns for a second visit. Staff get frustrated trying to find existing waivers while attempting to keep irritated customers calm when they have to fill out a waiver for the third time!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could set your waiver management solution on auto-pilot and not have to spend the time and effort dealing with the issues that naturally arise from a manual waiver system? If you haven’t guessed yet, LilYPad has a great solution for waiver management! Keep reading to learn a little more about how it works.

LilYPad offers a fully automated waiver management system. This includes the ability to add your waiver to your own website so customers can fill it out, read it and sign it. They are able to do this from their computer, tablet or phone. Once submitted, LilYPad will automatically store all the information and signature image the customer has filled out into your LilYPad system. You can easily pull up the customer’s record and see the waiver they agreed to, date it was submitted and the customer’s signature. LilYPad customer’s will often provide a waiver station or kiosk. This is typically a computer or iPad where customers who have not previously filled out a waiver can do so.

LilYPad takes waiver management to the next level by giving you the ability to connect customer waiver records with each individual sale. This process, which only takes a moment, gives you the peace of mind that each person entering your facility has signed and agreed to your waiver. LilYPad customers who use our wristband printing have the option to print only wristbands for those with a valid waiver in LilYPad.

Birthday party bookings are also made so much easier. When a customer books a birthday party, either online or in person, LilYPad can be set to send that customer a birthday party invitation email. This email, which the customer can forward to all the parents of the invited children, has a link to the waiver page on your website. When they fill out the waiver for their child who will attend the party, this waiver can automatically be connected to the party sale!

If your customers are required to sign a waiver before entering your entertainment center, you will want to book a demo to see just how easy LilYPad makes this to manage. Call 1-866-419-4043 or email today!

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