LilYPad Customer Profile: Santa Clara Paintball – Point of Sale Software


“Santa Clara Paintball is your world-class paintball facility in the

San Francisco Bay Area for everyone from the beginning player to the elite.”

Santa Clara Paintball is an outdoor paintball facility located in San Jose, California. They were looking for a web based point of sale system that could process and track their sales online and in-house as well as provide in-house bookings for large groups. They also required an integrated waiver system that could be filled out before coming to the facility. LilYPad Point of Sale system met all of these requirements for Santa Clara Paintball so they began to use the system as of Septmeber, 2014.

All ticket sales or customer waivers that are processed on Santa Clara Paintball’s website, are immediately visible to anyone logged into LilYPad. This real-time interaction provides customers up-to-date information about availability and also offers Santa Clara Paintball over-booking protection!

All this functionality combined with LilYPad’s easy to use interface and reasonable price, makes LilYPad an easy choice for any paintball facility!

How is LilYPad being used by Santa Clara Paintball?

  1. Group Events

LilYPad’s Group feature allows Santa Clara Paintball to book big group/party events.

  • Maximizes park time.
  • Accurately tracks bookings.
  • Bookings automatically get added the party calendar.
  • Deposits can be made.
  1. Online Ticket Sales

The online ticket sale feature allows Santa Clara Paintball’s customers to buy tickets online for specific dates and times.

  • Gives customers more specific choice for tickets and pricing.
  • Frees up staff.
  • Offers ability to sell customer extras like socks, merchandise, food and beverages.
  • Prevents trampoline area from going over capacity.
  1. Online Waiver Management

The online waiver management system lets Santa Clara Paintball’s customers create their own customer profiles and sign their waivers before they even get to the paintball facility!

  • Saves time for customers and staff.
  • Easy way to make sure that customers have filled out the waiver.
  • LilYPad keeps all electronic waivers on file.
  • Ties in with customer’s information.
  • Once a customer has filled out the waiver, they can use it again for future visits.

We have only highlighted a few of the main features that Santa Clara Paintball is using. There are many other features and functionality that we would love to show you. If you would like to get a demonstration of how LilYPad can help your trampoline facility, give us a call at 1-866-419-4043 or send an email to Demos can be as quick as 20 minutes or can be as long as you like. Be sure to check us out…you won’t be disappointed!