UpsellingUsing LilYPad’s In House Capacity Tracker to Aid in Your Social Distancing Efforts

First off, we would just like to say that we feel concerned for all the business owners in this current situation but are optimistic that you will all come out of this well. Hopefully, the government grants and community support will be sufficient to get us through this difficult time!

As an FEC owner/operator, you’re likely chomping at the bit to get back to full speed as soon as possible, but the future at this time is unknown and we’re not quite sure what full speed will look like going forward.  We do know for the short term is that productive daily life is going to be phased in slowly through a series of progressive steps as outlined by local governments. Highlighted in these phases are guidelines on when and how individuals and businesses can go about interacting socially with each other. As of right now, we don’t know when this will begin but we do know that FEC businesses, among other things, will have to set limits on the number people allowed in their facility at any given time.

Health and safety of customers is the number one priority for FECs and the perception of being neglectful in these areas can be extremely damaging to any business in our industry. Tracking the number of participants in your FEC and being able to back it up are now going to be an important part of your health and safety procedure. Knowing when someone has exited is useful so you know when you can allow more people in. Tracking not only participants, but parents and guardians will be an important part of this as well.

With that in mind, LilYPad has a simple solution to all the important challenges highlighted above.  Our tracker feature can track participants and non-participants accurately. You will know when you’ve reached your limit and when there’s room for more as customers exit.  You’ll also have the ability to allow your customers to reserve in advance so they’re not stuck waiting for someone to leave (check back for another blog post on this).   To learn more about this or any of LilYPad’s many other features, please give us a call or send us a quick email and we will get right back to you.

Here’s hoping we can all come out of this pandemic smarter and better than before! It has been inspiring talking to clients and prospects over the last few months about the unique revenue generating ideas they have implemented.

Please take care and be safe.

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