The best trampoline park software solution


This is a bold statement … but read on and let us prove it to you why LilYPad is now the best choice!

Recently indoor trampoline parks have made a come-back with many new companies being set up across the United States and Canada. These facilities have wall to wall trampolines to prevent people falling on to hard surfaces, therefore making them much safer than the trampoline parks back 50 years ago.

Here at LilYPad, we noticed this surge in new trampoline parks and decided it was time to add some new features to our point of sale software that would make running a trampoline facility easier AND (much) more affordable. Not only is our monthly subscription affordable, it will actually save you money, potentially a lot of money, through the automation of waivers, ticket sales and party bookings. By having all three of these features embedded into your own website, it has been proven to reduce the number of staff required in order to answer phone calls and process sales. It is not unusual to see over 50% of ticket sales and party booking processed automatically through your website! (and 100% of your waivers!)

Each ticket and party sale in LilYPad will track and ensure that a valid waiver has been signed by all customers on that sale. LilYPad will also track the exact time slot(s) those customers bought tickets for and will prevent overbooking your trampoline area(s) and party rooms.

With LilYPad you also have the option of using our easy to manage wristband solution. Wristbands are printed on demand and can display your logo and website address as well as things like the customer’s name, date, time and the end time of the customer’s ticket (in big bold numbers). This system, in tandem with a wristband color schedule, allows staff to quickly and easily ensure that customers leave the trampoline area once their time has run out. This system makes managing any “time-based ticket” much easier and more efficient. Customers with Laser Tag, Paintball and time based indoor playgrounds take note!

While there are other trampoline point of sale software solutions out there, LilYPad’s trampoline park software is available for a fraction of the cost. We realize this large price difference makes some people wary, however with LilYPad this less expensive cost does not reflect on the quality or reliability of our software or service. If you could spare 20 minutes we could give you a quick tour of LilYPad so that you can see this for yourself. Contact us today to schedule an online demo! 1 866 419-4043.

Rogue Air Park, one of LilYPad’s newest trampoline customers, has opened for business in Medford, Oregon on February 1st! Be sure you stop in and go for a jump if you are in the area or just check them out online at With LilYPad, they started processing sales, booking parties and collecting waivers via their website at the beginning of January.

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