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Automatic Renewal with Memberships

One of the best ways to guarantee repeat business from customers is introducing an automatically renewing membership. Many customers are looking for a way to entertain their kids at a good price, so instead of searching each time for the best pricing, a auto-renewal membership offers a consistently cheaper cost and guarantees they will frequent your business.

Auto-Renewal Memberships & Subscriptions have become an extremely popular option for many companies (Just look at companies like Netflix or Amazon) as it guarantees revenue on a regular basis. This consistent business means that you know what you’re going to being making every month at minimum, which will help you budget better and keep your business thriving!

Here’s a quick summary of the benefits Auto-Renewal Memberships offers your business:

  • Higher Customer Retention
  • Less Administrative Work for your Staff
  • Know when Customers will be making Payments
  • Helps Build a Relationship with your Customers
  • Easier for Repeat Customers

Here at LilYPad POS, we are always looking for ways to improve our already great products & services. With that in mind, we listen to what current and prospective clients are looking for to help their businesses thrive. We also look at modern business trends to see what our clients’ customers are looking for in a great product or service. As a result of this effort, we have added the Auto-Renewal Membership feature to LilYPad POS, which automates the monthly membership renewal & payment process. Adding this feature to LilYPad POS is hassle-free and will provide a great source of residual income while providing a better service to your customers.

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