Come see us in Nashville, TN from Sep. 20 – 22 at Booth 32!

We are happy to announce that LilYPad will be attending the 2022 IATP Conference and Trade Show in Nashville, Tennessee! The trade show will be running from September 20th through to the 22nd and will provide many opportunities for both newcomers and trampoline park veterans to network with other professionals and learn how to excel in this industry.

What is the Annual IATP Conference and Trade Show?

The International Association of Trampoline Parks, otherwise known as the IATP, is hosting the largest conference in the world that is dedicated to all aspects of the trampoline industry. If you are looking to start or grow your trampoline business, then the IATP conference this year will greatly benefit those attending. The conference will provide many helpful resources such as workshops, education sessions, certification exams and most importantly, the trade show itself where you can meet potential clients, buyers and partners.

How is LilYPad POS related to the Trampoline Park Industry?

Our point of sale solution has been custom built for trampoline parks. LilYPad will give your facility the ability to sell tickets and birthday parties online as well as keep track of these bookings through the LilYPad POS system. LilYPad will also electronically manage your customer records/waivers and will help you track your customers with our integrated sticker or wristband printing.

Over the years, LilYPad has been shaped to be an excellent and affordable point of sale system for trampoline parks. While LilYPad POS software works with all types of family entertainment businesses, we have recognized how popular trampoline parks have become. As a result, we have endeavored to make LilYPad the system of choice for trampoline facilities all over the world!

We’re gearing up for the Trampoline Trade Show!

With that said, we look forward to seeing everyone that will be attending the trade show. We hope that we can educate and also learn from those in the industry seeking to grow their trampoline park-related businesses. See you in Nashville, Tennessee at Booth 32!

If you would like to exhibit and/or attend the IATP conference this year, go to for more details.



  1. Lauren Jacques

    Awwwww, Boooo. I am so interested I this summit but am in South Africa. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed (wouldn’t blame you if you didnt) but the rand is falling harder than toddlers down a mole hill :/. Really bummed I can’t be there as I am going to be implementing my own loyalty card system to accurately engage my user market and define consumer trends. And would really have received some great advice moving forward 🙁 oh well, I hope the event is a huge success and please drop me a note afterward if you feel there’s anything beneficial but not quite shouted from the roof tops yet, if you know what I mean. Psst… the rand is going to get weaker… that’s between us ? lol. Have fabulous and successful day. Kind regards,

    • Taylor Burgess

      Hi Lauren,

      Sorry we missed you at IATP! If you would like to discuss things more about LilYPad and if could be a good fit please reach out to!


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