LilYPad Consulting

Starting a business can be a daunting task. We know that because we have created retail environments that provide services, food and entertainment in markets of various sizes and demographics. Each market and retail environment poses unique challenges. In order to give yourself the greatest chance of success you must start with the proper foundation and take the right course of action.

LilYPad Consulting can get you started correctly and guide you through the minefield of requirements in order to develop a successful business. Often people envision the end result of their ideas but a great concept is just the tip of the iceberg. It is the behind the scenes elements that allows the business to be successful. We will save you time and money by helping you weed through the crucial decisions you are required to make before you even open your doors.

  • Business Plan write-up – to help you secure the funds you need to start up your business
  • Lease negotiations – to ensure you get the most favourable and equitable contract with your Landlord and enable an a cooperative relationship throughout your lease term
  • Playground equipment selection – to ensure you purchase or lease the right products at the right prices with the all proper safety standards
  • Snack bar equipment selection and menu creation – to help you purchase or lease cost effective equipment and create a menu to maximize profits
  • Marketing – to help create a strategic marketing plan using both social and traditional media platforms
  • Staff recruitment – to help you attract and hire the best available candidates for your operating team
  • Staff training – provide live scenario training at our own FEC facility
  • HR procedures and documents – to help you document and maintain appropriate records
  • Operational documents and guidelines- we will provide you with the start-ups documents and guidelines to operate your business more efficiently and immediately

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